Episode 15: A Wild Taylor Appeared

We’re back back back back back again but this time we have a wild Taylor Rambo joining us. We talk all about his job with the American Pops Orchestra before we dive into our music picks of the week. Which are I Am What I Am by Jerry Herman and all of the nonsense the Imogen Heap contributed to the Harry Potter play. After that we discuss the neverending nightmare that is Season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Listen in for all that and more shenanigans on the way.

And if you are in the DC area we have a special code for the upcoming American Pops Orchestra performance of the music of Jerry Herman. Just go to their website https://www.theamericanpops.org/ and when you go to buy tickets type in the code “Friendscast18” to get 15% off you order!! So go see the concert, do the thing, and join us again next week for more buffoonery and hooliganism!

Episode 14: Narcissism The Podcast

We’re back back back back back again! Lifetime has finally ended it’s reign of terror over Project Runway fans everywhere. Alissa and Jason talk about Jason’s piece, “A Simple Memory” and of course recap a very whelming episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race! All that and more on Super Music Nerd Friendcast!

Episode 13: Jason Is Busy So This Is Late

Hey all you sexy people! We’re back finally, Jason is crazy busy and so the editing on this episode is what it is. But Alissa and I talk about Glitter and Be Gay from Leonard Bernstein’s kind of questionable operetta “Candide”. Then its on to the show we all know and love, RuPaul’s Drag Race! Alissa and Jason continue to hate Silky because she is obnoxious but you’ll have to listen if you want to know more. All here on Super Music Nerd Friendcast!

Episode 12: Stink, Stank, Stunk

Super Music Nerd Friendcast is back again this week to talk about music, and stuff, and drag race. Our music pick of the week is “Ladies Who Lunch” from the brilliant musical “Company” because Sondheim is a genius and nobody should ever forget that. Sadly the queens on drag race were a hot mess this week and Alissa and Jason get into it!

Episode 11: Upulence You Earn Everything

Super Music Nerd Friendcast is back again this week with more shenanigans. This episode Jason and Alissa talk about Joseph Thalken and his piece Baby Face Nelson and the Femme Fatale. Then we dive into RuPaul’s Drag Race because there is some high level buffoonery happening this season. Also we tease that at some point we may cover the best piece of music ever written in the history of humanity. What is it? Well, give the pod a listen and you may just find out, not this episode, but I mean at some point.

Episode 10: Cysters - The Curse!

Hey there all you people, we’re back with another episode of Super Music Nerd Friendcast. Jason was in New York last week so apologies for the delay this week. We talk about my trip to New York and general shenanigans before Alissa and Jason dive into a discussion of Rigoletto that sort of turns into a brief opera geek out moment. And then we turn to RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 because we live in a world where there is literally always new drag race. Tune in for all that nonsense and more!

Episode 9: Tic Tac Lunch

The one where Jason is exhausted and has all the vocal fry! But for real we talk about last week’s Nintendo Direct with all the announcements like Super Mario Maker 2! Then we talk about our music pick of the week, Ricky Ian Gordon’s Orpheus and Euridice. And we wrap it all up by recapping the season final of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, may she rest in peace.

Music is some garbage that Jason “wrote” for school and recorded super quick Tuesday morning.

Episode 8: The Power of Bees

This week is all about Kingdom Hearts III, we talk about the series, the music, and then a brief spoiler cast. Alissa and Jason are joined by special guest and Kingdom Hearts super fan Sky Saludes. Then we discuss RuPaul's Drag Race Allstars to decide if we ended up with the correct final four contestants. All this and more on Super Music Nerd Friendcast!

Episode 7: Kesha Is My Spirit Animal

Hey everybody! We’re back with another episode and this week Alissa and I are joined by an extra special guest Ashley Clusky-Gallagher! This episode we discuss Kesha’s album Rainbow and why it is such an iconic piece of art. Then we talk about this week’s trauma inducing episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars before getting a little salty. All that and more on Super Music Nerd Friendcast!

Episode 6: Do You Suffer From Chronic Stupidity

Jason and Alissa are back with more music, more nerdery, and more friendshipness. Also Drag Race! Jason would like to apologize for his sniffles, he is sick and tried to edit them out but also is lazy. Join us as we talk about what games we’re playing, new footage of Mortal Kombat 11, our music pick of the week, and as always RuPaul’s Drag Race AllStars. Start your engines and may the best human identifying individual win!

Episode 5: Punching Zombies Is Not Super Effective

Hey hey hey everybody we’re back again with more shenanigans! In this episode Alissa and Jason run down their most anticipated video games of 2019, discuss their first memories of gaming, get a little salty, and set a date for Alissa’s twitch stream of our game of the month, Super Mario Bros. 3!

We talk about our music pick of the week, Takes Awhile by Marrick Smith

And finally we recap this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race AllStars. What did we think of the Roast of Lady Bunny and who deserved to go home this week? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Episode 4: That Ooh Ah Ah Sensation

Super Music Nerd Friendcast is back again this week and we’re giving you that Ooh Ah Ah Sensation! We discuss our music pick of the week, Gargoyles by Lowell Liebermann, our salty moments of the week, and RuPaul’s Drag Race Allstars. And we introduce our new segment, Ask Us Anything! Each week Alissa will be taking questions on her instagram (@mroca1214) so be sure to head over there and see if yours makes it on the show.

Episode 3: Girl, You Just Seeing Demons, You Need To Pray!

Welcome back to Super Music Nerd Friendcast. This week we are introducing our music of the week segment and our game of the month. We spend some time talking about John Corigliano's Mr. Tambourine Man and the state of public domain in America before jumping into a recap of RuPaul's Drag Race Allstars. Afterwards we round things out with our salty moments and discuss our new year's resolutions.

Episode 1: We're Here You Janky Whores

Alissa Roca and myself finally decided to start a podcast! Join us in our inaugural episode where we briefly introduce ourselves, discuss our current music and gaming habits. And then we do a deep dive into the season premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race Allstars Season 4. Its sure to be a good time with a lot of opinions and the occasional hot take!

Welcome to Super Music Nerd Friendcast. We’re here you janky whores!!